How To Plan A Simple Wedding Ceremony:

Choose a stylist that you can get along with. It is important that an open communication must be practiced at all times since you will be expected to collaborate with each other regarding different sets of ideas.

A lot of couples would always like to have a dream wedding. But a dream wedding for many people can cost a lot of money which can cause financial setbacks for the couple. Or some couples would like to start their marriage being debt free which is a very practical and realistic idea. So below are some ideas worth sharing on how to plan a wedding without leaving a big hole in your pockets.

The first thing to do after deciding to get married is to plan your guests’ list. We all know that a wedding is a milestone for every couple but for practicality reasons if you are working on a budget is also important to limit your guests. Talk to each other and plan the guest list carefully until you have made the final selection. One advantage of having limited guests on your wedding day is that you would still be able to maintain the intimacy of your wedding. 

Another thing that you can do is to ask for help from friends to organize the wedding ceremony. If you are lucky to have a good set of friends and more than enough time to make all the necessary preparations then for sure the wedding will be a success. For example, one of your close friends who has a talent for hairstyling can be your bridal hairdresser Gold Coast for the event. Or if one of your friends who is into photography can be your official photographer as well. Those things can also be considered as their gifts to you and your fiance.Bridesmaid clothes and made to order tuxedos are quite costly if you are really into saving money you can buy clothes that are on sale or off the rack and rent tuxedos instead. There is also a bridal gown for rent or you can scout for an affordable bridal gown that has great designs and quality as well.

For the makeup, you can hire a great mobile wedding hair stylist to take care of the makeup of the entourage by securing a package deal. Most stylists do offer special deals especially if their client has been referred by their client. If your wedding is scheduled on an off-peak season then prices may be lower. Instead of hiring an expensive venue for the wedding and reception you can have the ceremony at the house or backyard instead. Catering can be taken care of by a local restaurant or if you have family members who can cook the better. The same goes for the drinks. Some of your guy friends would be happy to be in charge of this. You can do grocery shopping ahead of time and buy all the essentials (food and alcohol) in batches to save a lot of money.

All you have to do is be creative and be open to suggestions to make the wedding celebration a night to remember. Plan ahead of time since you are working on a budget you must consider all possible options on where you can save money before making a final decision.