Best Jobs For Creative Individuals

If you are a creative soul, yearning to unleash your artistic talents, there are plenty of jobs in the market today that will help you earn a fantastic living. This article gives details about a few of these jobs that you can consider taking up.

Creative writer

If playing with words is your forte you can opt to take up a job as a creative writer. You can choose an office based job or even enjoy the convenience of working from any part of the world which offers an internet connection and an electrical socket for your laptop’s charger! You can also start your own blog and earn money with ease when you establish yourself as a reputed creative writer.


If you own a good camera and have a great eye, you can consider becoming a photographer. Follow a few courses or become a self taught professional and get yourself established well in the industry. Lots of companies need photographers nowadays for various projects. Keep in mind though that the industry is peppered with aspiring and rising photographers so you really will have to prove yourself to become highlighted. But once you build a name for yourself, sky will be the limit!

Hair and makeup artists

The many beauty bloggers who seem to own Youtube can certainly push everyone to become makeup artists! If you like the idea of making people look beautiful, you can consider becoming a good hairdresser. Information and tips that will help you make improvements in your profession will always be readily available on the internet courtesy of the aforementioned beauty bloggers and vloggers. Experiment with different styles and showcase your looks using social media platforms and you will soon become a much sought after professional.

Hair colourist Applecross and makeup artists can earn quite a lot of money using their talents too. You can follow courses to enhance your skill levels and establish yourself as a trained professional in an industry that is dominated by novices.

Marketing manager

Marketing managers are highly paid professionals who lead from the front. If you love the idea of coordinating with large numbers of stakeholders like consumers, advertising agencies, regional company heads and dealers and distributors you will find this job quite exciting. You will be able to shape and mold brands that will revolutionize the world. The joy of seeing your efforts paying off in record sales figures will truly be priceless!
Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life! You will look forward to Mondays with zest and passion and every single day will bring new opportunities to put your creative skills to the test!